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Founded in July, 2001, Dongying Vocational Institute (“DVI”) is a full-time ordinary institution of higher learning organized by Dongying Municipal People’s Government upon the approval of Shandong Provincial People’s Government. As the National Backbone Higher Vocational College of China, Demonstrative Higher Vocational College in Shandong Province and High-level Vocational Colleges with Chinese Characteristics and Professional Development, DVI has won successive honors including: National Excellent Organization in Vocational Core Competence Training, National Advanced Higher Vocational College in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, National College with Typical Experience in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Top 50 National Higher Vocational College in Services and Contributions, Top 50 National Higher Vocational College in Teaching Resources, Top 50 National Higher Vocational College in College-Industry-Teaching Integration, Top 50 National Higher Vocational College in International Influential of Intelligent Robots Specialty, and Chair Organization of Alternative Library Project of Specialty Teaching Resource Library of National Higher Vocational Colleges, as well as successive provincial honorary titles like Advanced Collective of Education System in Shandong Province, Advanced Higher College in Teaching Management, Civilized Organization of Shandong Province, Civilized Campus of Shandong Province, Excellent College in Moral Education, Demonstrative College in Law-based Governance, Advanced College in Student Assistance, Demonstrative College in College Student’s Entrepreneurship Education, Excellent College in Graduate Employment, Excellent College in Craftsmanship Spirit Cultivation and Safe Campus.[more]
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